What To Expect From This Blog?

Welcome to the blog. For a while now, I’ve been considering starting a blog. I felt the need to have a way of giving you guys – the athletes – even more valuable and insightful content, than what’s possible in the short format on instagram and TikTok.

Let’s kick things off with an introduction of who I am, and continue with a presentation of the type of content you can expect to find on this blog.

Oliver Bay

Sports Performance Specialist

I’m a former elite level athlete, turned coach. After working my ass off for 10 years building a solid talent developing system in a gymnastics club, it was clear to me, that my focus had shifted towards the physical aspects of the athletes’ sports performance. Now I help athletes all over the world get their physical training in check and push their limits and enhance their performance.

Outside of my work with athletes I’m a dad to a beautiful little girl, almost 2 years of age, and married to the most supportive wife one could possibly imagine.

I still keep my feet wet in the gymnastics world, travelling the world and helping elite level tumbling gymnasts perform on the big stages.

Enough about me – what can you expect from this blog?

As I mentioned I wanted to create a platform where I could give you guys even more valuable insights and information about how to use strength training to enhance your sports performance.

I know that long blog posts aren’t as sexy and catchy as the quick instagram / TikTok reels and blunt statements. But that’s exactly the point. I want to add more nuance, give you a more in depth understanding of the topics we dive into. So hopefully you’re ready to prioritise the little extra time it takes to read a full blog post – then i promise to deliver detailed and useful content as frequent as my schedule allows.

Topics that I’m going to write about

Strength training for enhancing sports performance. This will be about different systems, exercises, programs etc.

Conditioning. Different ways to work on your conditioning, why it’s important and more.

My life in general. Every now and again I will give you guys and peak behind the curtains, in the life of The Bays (my family), or just empty my head on topics i find relevant for you – my readers.

If there’s ever a topic you would like to hear my take on, never hesitate to write me in the comments or send me an email. I would love to engage with you guys. After all this blog and all of its FREE content is meant for you and to help you in your quest towards becoming a better athlete.

Train With Purpose and Dominate Your Sport 🚀


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